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Hero 1 – Heading and tag


Keep them coming back for more


Drive consistent gameplay by creating leagues, adding quizzes, and watching your players battle for points every time they play. It’s no longer about winning the game, it’s about winning them all.


Benefits/Features – H2 title


Build a community

Attract, engage and retain players to create a sense of local community and foster friendly competition. Players are motivated to join quiz nights regularly to earn points and improve league rankings.

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Create FOMO

That’s the fear of missing out. Encourage regular quiz participation as players score points in the league every time they play. Missing a quiz could cost them in the rankings.

(image – fomo)


Flexibility & customisation / Fully customisable

Create and manage up to 5 active leagues for different audiences or themes. This flexibility enables you to host tailored quiz events to different interests, preferences, and ability levels. End and restart your leagues anytime.

(image – customisable)

Unique, fair & competitive scoring

Designed to help maintain player’s interest over the course of your league, and give everyone the opportunity to win, regardless of quizzing ability. It also prevents any rogue clever clogs from getting too far ahead – you know the type.

(image – scoring)

Easy setup and management

Forget about calculating points and rankings each week. All the leg work is taken care, so you can focus on delivering engaging quiz nights rather than complicated administration. Create a league, add new or pre-made quizzes into it, and get quizzing.

(image –easy setup)